Referrals: Key to Success | Monday Briefing – December 5, 2016

Many people in the wedding industry (including me) tend to rely on referrals. And by saying referral, I mean anyone who found out about your services by another person telling them, said person being at an event you are at, or even by checking out the reviews or testimonials on your website. [You can check mine out here!]

I absolutely love referrals,06-09-2014-employee-referrals
because in one way or another, I showed them I was able to assist in making their night everything they wanted it to be. Or maybe it is coming from a wedding venue that really appreciates how I act on the microphone or the music I play. Or a photographer that loved how I worked directly with them, so they knew the best place to put themselves for a once in a lifetime photo opportunity. You never know just who will be spreading the word about your business, so I always act at the top of my game. I am a professional that likes to have fun.

I received a few referrals from various people this year, which culminated into more amazing nights. Thank you to those who continue to put the good word out there about Webrix Media Productions!

Coming into this next week I have a couple of Company Christmas parties. I am not sure what they have planned, but I am looking into doing a few games and offering up my own prizes. Haven’t totally decided on that yet. I need to add flair to the show. I don’t like being some guy sitting behind speakers playing music. I like to be an entertainer, in fact, that is why I got into the business of DJing in the first place.

The reason I bring referrals up, is sometimes you can have a dry spell in the business department. As I come out of this next week my calendar is completely open. I don’t have anything on my calendar for 2017 and would like to get some folks on there. If you need a DJ for your Wedding or Event, contact Brad now at (208) 503-6115.

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