The not so weekly…| Not-so Monday Briefing 1/25/17

Hey there folks!

I know I am doing real well at these weekly updates. NOT. An 9/10 they are NOT helpful. But I am working on getting more content creators. Writing takes me a lot more time then just saying it, so a podcast may be a future endeavor for helpful hints and tricks for Brides & Grooms and their wedding.

Advertising… I know it is a rough choice. But for a local business just starting out, well kinda, getting the word out that you exist, can sometimes be difficult. Now-a-days things are a little easier with the internet, but you still have to put in the effort, and the money. Your business brain tends to then send off red flags left and right:
“What is it going to cost me?”
“Will it get me customers?”
“Will it at least pay for itself?”

Well this is my first trial run. I figure I can set
aside $1200 for print advertisement to be used
over the 2017 fiscal year. I have a few inquiries
at the current time, but no dates set. Hopefully
that will change soon. 😉 Valentines Day is right around the corner.

I have also looked into online advertisement, whether it be with Facebook, Twitter, or some of the leading wedding websites in the country. But alas, I have come up with little to nothing that I find intriguing or interesting. I see the figures they propose, but I don’t understand why I would pay for online advertising, when I could pay someone to beef up the SEO on my website regularly. But I digress, in today’s day and age, online presence is a necessity, but print media is still very favorable, and you can still get the word out about your business.

I do have a new website I am building for my wife and her photography business, please check it out at http://www.mandilynnphotos.com or you can check out her facebook page. I am really excited for this because she will be joining me and we will be offering discount packages!

As for now, I will bid you adieu,

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