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Howdy folks,

This weekend went by like a blur. Last Friday I was at The Club Rio, rocking their stage for the evening, and Sunday, I was relaxing with my wife celebrating her first Mother’s Day. And a lot of stuff happened Saturday… but it is not writing worthy. 🙂

I am excited for the things that have been happening lately. I have almost booked the entire rest of the year and look to filling what spots I do have available at this time.

Today I would like to talk about Introductions or Re-Introductions.
This is one of the key elements to transition from cocktail hour to dinner time.

So, your photographer wants to take photos right after you pronounce “I Do,” usually because family members are in their best dress and no one has tried to ditch their vest or coat yet.
Plus you also have to sign the Marriage Certificate.
Well in this time frame your guests are usually walking around, talking to one-another, getting familiar with the venue, or grabbing something to drink. Light music fills the air to give background noise. All of a sudden the photographer says, “Ok, we are done!” Now it is time to meet all your family and friends! (Now here is where things get exciting!)

It is your day. So why not introduce both of you in a grandiose way?
*Background music slowly fades out*
Introduction song starts (Brad starts announcement)
“Ladies & Gentlman, please direct your attention to *LOCATION* and give a BIG round of applause to the Newlyweds, *MRS & MR ******”
(Doors swing open)

It is always fun to be the star of the show, and on your wedding day, you should feel nothing less. I really love to mix things up and make sure everything is to the liking of the bride & groom, if you are in need of a custom introduction, please make sure I know!

Til next time,

Brad Thew
Webrix Media Productions
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