Bar Gigs v. Weddings – Why I enjoy Weddings | Monday Briefing

Hello people of the internet,

Welcome back to the wonderfully exciting and inconsistent Monday Briefing! 🙂

I have been very busy lately with events and such. I have been watching a YouTuber by the name of Bayardo A Rugama [DJ Barr] and I really enjoy his content. In fact, he has inspired me to do my own Gig Logs. I should be picking up a GoPro Hero 5 soon to document my travels. I think it would be fun and provide a little bit of promotion for my business. I will also be getting a camera for my wife to learn Photography, which should also help promote both of our businesses. The videos would come out weekly and showcase previous events, cool equipment, new equipment, and plenty more.

So, the main jist of today’s blog is the differences in djing in bars compared to djing weddings.
First and foremost, I enjoy weddings more than bars. Bars are a lot of fun, but people get sloppy, promoters don’t really pay well, and tempers can be a bit more on edge. Weddings are a joyous day, in fact, it is one of the happiest moments for couples. And as a DJ, you get to share in that joy. I am not saying I don’t want to make the bar goers night, but in a wedding I am playing for the Bride & Groom, at a bar, the whole place can turn on you. From the moment the Processional starts til the last song is played at the Reception, my goal is to make the Bride & Groom’s day surprisingly smooth and incredibly fun! Like I tell a lot of people, I get paid to party, and I like to live up to that. Plus when I am playing at a wedding, you get the authentic me, an entertainer. I like to put on the show.

Getting more equipment soon!

’til next time,

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