Trying my hand at Karaoke Jocking | Monday Briefing

Hey All,

I hope your weekend was fantastic, and I welcome you back to the Monday Briefing.

I am starting to get a better feel for blogging and interacting online, which is good, because this is where I tend to get most of my business from. I also like to be able to be in contact with my clients and couples 24/7, with little to no interruption. That is where the beauty of the internet comes in. 😉 I would like to build a client portal that people can go to to request songs, send me a direct message, update any last minute needs, etc.

I am happy to say I am officially offering a new service, Karaoke! It will be slow to start, mainly because I have to build a good list of karaoke songs. But in about a month or two, I should have a solid set of songs that people would want to sing. And this should fill out the slow time of the year… Winter.

A lot of bars really like karaoke, and so do their patrons. I just picked up a new microphone set, that will hopefully not smell like beer after the year… If they do, it will teach me to buy spit covers…

I really look forward to offering this, because it is one of the most requested add-ons I am able to provide. On top of the Karaoke, I will be able to play music videos, so if folks dont feel like singing or dancing, that have something to watch. 🙂

This weekend I am only booked on Friday @ The Club Rio in Oldtown, ID. KJ/DJ/MC from 9:00pm-1:00am.

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