Weekend Wedding Recap – Running Off of Generated Power

Good Thursday to you,

I hope the weekend has treated you well, as mine went spectacular! I had a 30 Year High School Reunion last Friday and a Wedding last Saturday. I had a blast at both events, even though I blew a speaker, and my pants. (Yeah, I guess it was time for new pants… or a diet.)

The 30 year reunion went off without a hitch. I had a hard time reading the crowd as they mainly wanted to socialize, catch up on old times and drink, not to mention the requests were back and forth. I enjoy taking requests most of the time, but when I have one group of people asking for 80’s, but not just any 80’s, only the songs they heard in high school at the time of their graduation (1987-1988), and another group asking for classic rock (1970-1988), while getting shot dirty looks from one group or another… it can get frustrating. But if the end of the night said anything about my performance, they were left wanting more. (In fact I played for an extra 15 minutes without realizing I was over time.)
The main problem I had was the photographer they had booked.
For one thing, she was two hours late. Two, she was telling me how to do my job, “You really need an extra speaker *here* because people cannot hear you.” even though when tested, worked fine and I could hear everything, and the client did not pay for extra speakers. (Which amazingly she had no idea would cost more) Three, she barely had taken any pictures all night, deciding it would be better to sit and socialize, instead of actually doing her job. Four, while socializing I could hear her loudly bad-mouthing me as a DJ to the guests at the party. All of these actions really show that she is either (1) not a professional, (2) not been a photographer for very long, (3) a terrible business owner that only thinks about the money she is making, instead of making the event the best it can be. I will not name the person or the company, but if I hear of them being hired for an event I would be inclined to not speak highly of them.

Whoo, so on to what I enjoy and do best, the Wedding! I would really like to say a big thank you the the Claar’s for having me this weekend. My wife is currently working on all the photos she had taken and we will have them back to you shortly.
I ended up blowing one of my speakers at this event, but I wasn’t so much worried about the equipment, as I was worried about making sure the Wedding Guests & Party had a great time. Which everyone said they had a great time and both Scott & Jessica said they would recommend me to anyone and everyone in the future, so that is awesome! This wedding was a bit off of the paved road, quite literally. Ran the system off of a generator, which was a first for me, but very informative for the future. My base system did not even use up a quarter of the throughput of my 900W UPS. Now I have two new PA’s, both being more powerful than my last, but a little smaller in size. I went from a set of 15″ PA’s to a set of 12″ PA’s.

Lots of upgrades to announce! New Facade, Speaker Stands, Speakers, Lighting & more! Unfortunately I had one of my speakers blow this weekend, so I decided to upgrade. After all of the research I did, I settled on some 12″ Harbinger Vari V2212 600W PA’s. For one, cost, two, 12″ reach a fuller range than 15’s as far as what my research tells me. I will test these out because I trust the brand, but if they for some reason are not what I want, then I will probably upgrade to a JBL or EV system. I should be able to test them out this weekend, having a night at the bar Friday w/ Karaoke and a Wedding on Saturday.

See ya next time,

Brad Thew
Owner/Founder of Webrix Media Productions

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