Busy Weekend to Finish Out November | Monday Briefing

Hey there Ladies & Gentlemen, I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! My Wife, Amanda, cooked and amazing dinner for both her and my family to enjoy, and boy was it good! I know I have been silent for almost the whole month, which I figure you are use to by

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Wedding-Full Recap | Monday Briefing

Hey there Ladies & Gentlemen, I come to you all today to announce I am officially done with the 2017 Wedding Season, and boy, was it eventful! In total, I performed at 10 weddings this year. All of them were absolutely wonderful and the newlyweds seemed to enjoy themselves. This year is the first time

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Adding the Photo Booth | A Short Update

Hey there Ladies & Gentlemen! Happy Halloween! As for My Wife & I, we celebrated this weekend. We unveiled our new Photo Booth on Friday Night, and I DJed Saturday night. The Photo Booth was a hard launch, tons of fun, and we learned quite a bit! We are making changes to things and look

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A short update – September 8, 2017

Hey folks, We are officially coming out of wedding season! Very soon I expect all these fires to die down and big blanket of snow to smack us in the face. My wife loves winter, I do not. So… this is the time of the year that I rebuild and re market the area about my

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Weekend Wedding Recap – Running Off of Generated Power

Good Thursday to you, I hope the weekend has treated you well, as mine went spectacular! I had a 30 Year High School Reunion last Friday and a Wedding last Saturday. I had a blast at both events, even though I blew a speaker, and my pants. (Yeah, I guess it was time for new

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Trying my hand at Karaoke Jocking | Monday Briefing

Hey All, I hope your weekend was fantastic, and I welcome you back to the Monday Briefing. I am starting to get a better feel for blogging and interacting online, which is good, because this is where I tend to get most of my business from. I also like to be able to be in

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Weekend Wedding Recap – Rolling Hills and Golden Valley’s

Happy day after 4th of July ladies and gents. Had a great weekend up at the river away from the hustle and bustle of bigger city life. But before we get to all the bangs, booms, oohs and ahhhs, I had a really great event this last Saturday. I would really like to say a

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Bar Gigs v. Weddings – Why I enjoy Weddings | Monday Briefing

Hello people of the internet, Welcome back to the wonderfully exciting and inconsistent Monday Briefing! 🙂 I have been very busy lately with events and such. I have been watching a YouTuber by the name of Bayardo A Rugama [DJ Barr] and I really enjoy his content. In fact, he has inspired me to do my

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Introductions & Re-Introductions | Morning Breifing

Howdy folks, This weekend went by like a blur. Last Friday I was at The Club Rio, rocking their stage for the evening, and Sunday, I was relaxing with my wife celebrating her first Mother’s Day. And a lot of stuff happened Saturday… but it is not writing worthy. 🙂 I am excited for the

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Events, Weddings, & More – Coming soon! | Monday Briefing

Howdy folks, I know, it has been a while since I have written a Monday Briefing, so here we go! Pictured above is the event I was at this weekend. The Sandpoint Rotary Club hosted a Gala & Auction at the Tango Cafe this last Saturday, and it was my pleasure to be a part

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