Busy Weekend to Finish Out November | Monday Briefing

Hey there Ladies & Gentlemen, I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! My Wife, Amanda, cooked and amazing dinner for both her and my family to enjoy, and boy was it good! I know I have been silent for almost the whole month, which I figure you are use to by

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Wedding-Full Recap | Monday Briefing

Hey there Ladies & Gentlemen, I come to you all today to announce I am officially done with the 2017 Wedding Season, and boy, was it eventful! In total, I performed at 10 weddings this year. All of them were absolutely wonderful and the newlyweds seemed to enjoy themselves. This year is the first time

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Trying my hand at Karaoke Jocking | Monday Briefing

Hey All, I hope your weekend was fantastic, and I welcome you back to the Monday Briefing. I am starting to get a better feel for blogging and interacting online, which is good, because this is where I tend to get most of my business from. I also like to be able to be in

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Bar Gigs v. Weddings – Why I enjoy Weddings | Monday Briefing

Hello people of the internet, Welcome back to the wonderfully exciting and inconsistent Monday Briefing! 🙂 I have been very busy lately with events and such. I have been watching a YouTuber by the name of Bayardo A Rugama [DJ Barr] and I really enjoy his content. In fact, he has inspired me to do my

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Introductions & Re-Introductions | Morning Breifing

Howdy folks, This weekend went by like a blur. Last Friday I was at The Club Rio, rocking their stage for the evening, and Sunday, I was relaxing with my wife celebrating her first Mother’s Day. And a lot of stuff happened Saturday… but it is not writing worthy. 🙂 I am excited for the

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Events, Weddings, & More – Coming soon! | Monday Briefing

Howdy folks, I know, it has been a while since I have written a Monday Briefing, so here we go! Pictured above is the event I was at this weekend. The Sandpoint Rotary Club hosted a Gala & Auction at the Tango Cafe this last Saturday, and it was my pleasure to be a part

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The not so weekly…| Not-so Monday Briefing 1/25/17

Hey there folks! I know I am doing real well at these weekly updates. NOT. An 9/10 they are NOT helpful. But I am working on getting more content creators. Writing takes me a lot more time then just saying it, so a podcast may be a future endeavor for helpful hints and tricks for Brides

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Happy New Year! Bringing back the weekly updates. | Monday Briefing 1/9/17

So after a very busy December, things are winding back down and it is time to get the word out about my services. I figure, seeing how you are here, you are probably very aware of what I can do, but my goal here is to provide a resource to prospective brides and grooms on

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Referrals: Key to Success | Monday Briefing – December 5, 2016

Many people in the wedding industry (including me) tend to rely on referrals. And by saying referral, I mean anyone who found out about your services by another person telling them, said person being at an event you are at, or even by checking out the reviews or testimonials on your website. [You can check

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Where has the year gone? | Monday Briefing – November 28, 2016

As we are coming into the last month of 2016, it is good to reminisce on the good and bad things that happened over the year. And boy did we experience some great improvements this year. Webrix Media Productions performed at 5 weddings in just the last 2 months, totaling 10 this year. This is

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