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In order to give you a better sense of what Webrix Media Productions can provide for your event, here is a brief list of what you will receive, if given the opportunity.

    • All weddings, school dances,
      business events or
      private parties welcome!
    • Rates vary depending on event, please contact me for details.
    • I will travel wherever my services are needed.
    • I will provide a complete and professional sound system, including microphones and lighting.
    • We can meet as many times as needed to ensure all details are to your wants, and for the immediate, I am on call for any questions or concerns, up to the day of the event.
    • We are party professionals, customizing
      every event to what YOU want.
    • My services include coordinating
      your event with other professionals
      such as: caterers, photographers,
      videographers, and any and all
      event staff and coordinators.
    • Need a special flyer or signage
      made? We can help you with that!


    How it all started

    In 7th grade, Brad started having dances on a regular basis in his middle school. One of his 7th Grade teachers, he enjoyed hanging out with on breaks and lunches, was their DJ for the Middle School dances. He thought it was cool that the Teacher could mix in and out of music, create a light show, and amaze everyone who was dancing in the crowd. Brad told himself, “I could do that.”

    Brad started watching MTV, VH1 & FUSE, which back in 2004-2008, played a lot more music videos than it does now… Then he would find the albums with the songs that seemed popular, rip them to his drive and make playlists on CDs. (Bad, bad young Brad… Burning CD’s is illegal.) People loved the playlists, so Brad wondered what he could do next. Well he started talking with is DJ / Teacher, who kind of became a teacher on the mechanics of all the parts in the PA’s, Mics, and Lighting.

    By the end of his 7th Grade year his teacher had let him borrow the equipment and played his very first dance! It was the last one before 8th grade. Brad loved every moment of it and so did the crowd. From then on he was the main DJ for school dances and even did a few proms for other high schools, while he was still in high school.

    Now Brad does all sorts of events! Weddings, High School Dances & Proms, Company & Social Parties, Events & more!

    So… he knows music, can he Emcee?

    At this point in time, Brad has performed at more than 140+ weddings, 100+ school dances and held residencies at many bars & nightclubs. Almost every one of these events required some form of talking in front of a large audiences of 50-100+ people.

    Brad was an On-Air Radio Jock from 2006-2008 on the Country Music Radio Station 91.5 KUBS FM and learned crucial lessons that help him be an amazing emcee behind the microphone to this day. Brad also would speak in front of the entire student body in high school, quite frequently, for assembly updates and other tidbits of news. He has also hosted his own weekly Podcast, ran and maintained his own radio station, and produced his own music.

    Needless to say, he is fluent behind a Microphone and is very comfortable with talking in front of large groups.

    Music Style

    Brad has a catalog of music that spans from the 1950’s to the Hip Hop, Pop and Top 40’s of today. If you request it, Brad will have it.

    So what is this I hear about “White Glove” Service?

    Brad caters to the Bride & Groom, taking the stressful part of the day off your hands.

    • Making sure the Bride & Groom are at ease, knowing exactly when things are going on.
    • Directing & Aiding the party members throughout the night.
    • Assisting with cleanup of dishes from the head table and gathering drinks for toasts.
    • Making sure the Bride & Groom know they are in full control, but are able to enjoy the evening with friends the way they like.

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