By Brad Thew

We have all seen that one DJ at your second cousin’s sister-in-law’s wedding that just didn’t know what they were doing. From playing the wrong song at the wrong time to blurting out a curse word over his microphone, everyone tells them self, “Oh gosh, I would never hire that company, my wedding will be much better!”

So, fast forward, to your big day, you have everything planned out. The venue, catering, photographer and the officiant, all lined up and ready to go. But now you are just going to use an iPod, because music is music, right?

Well, I am here to tell you that there are some companies that really want to make your day everything you want it to be, then there are others just collecting money to set up speakers and play music. If you are like me, you want someone who can control a room and make the entire night an enjoyable experience, from start to finish. But here is the thing: iPods don’t direct your party. They don’t create a special moment. They don’t assist the newlyweds through all the ups and downs of a wedding. They play music, and if that is all you want, you are more than welcome to use an iPod, but I can assure you it will not be the same experience as having a well practiced Master Of Ceremonies.

You might be thinking, “Oh, but I have heard DJs are expensive.”

They can be, depending on what they offer.

A DJ will cost somewhere between about $750 and $1,500, less than 10 percent of your total cost of the wedding, which averages (in the United States) around $35,000. From organizing the order of events and coordinating with other wedding professionals, announcing the formalities, making little announcements throughout the night and keeping the energy high on the dance floor, the DJ keeps the party flowing. The DJ will also handle 90% of your evening, being the center (other than the Newlyweds) of everything happening during the Reception

But how can you tell if the company you are trying to hire is reputable and will do what you want them to do? Ask them. If you are speaking to a professional, they will want to meet with you, get to know you and your family, and try to create the most special moment of your life, as perfect as you want it. They will seem interested in how your engagement has been, and how everything started.  

So, you have already spent a bit to make your venue,decorations, tuxedos and dress perfect, having a DJ come in dressed in a dirty T-shirt and jeans just seems to ruin the whole evening. This can be a big clue to whether or not you have a professional, unfortunately by this time it is already too late. A T-shirt and shorts are just fine for setting up, but once that Ceremony starts, that attire just doesn’t cut it. Talking about look, does their equipment look good and compliment your wedding colors or decorations? Ask them if their system has different configurations or if they use dance floor or atmospheric lighting. Usually if they have atmospheric and architectural lighting, they should be able to customize the color of their system to your wedding colors, and that always has a cool look to it.

A professional DJ can make a big difference in your wedding.

This article was originally written and published in the 2018 Pend Oreille Wedding Planner produced by The Miner Newspapers. You can view that publication HERE

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