By Caneel Johnson

Weddings are a magical and wondrous event. It is the happiest day of your life, but a lot of work goes into making it the perfect day. Decisions lurk around every corner – music, lighting, photographer, guest list, the centerpieces, the list goes on and on. Every decision adds to the magic that will be kept in your memories for the rest of your life.

Everyone keeps photos, but it can be very expensive to have a photographer make little books for every guest, and then your guests would leave empty handed. Adding a photo booth to your wedding or event will ensure that everyone has something fun to do and a great memory to leave with. Even people who don’t like pictures tend to go into a photo booth to make silly or romantic memories.

A photographer will immortalize all those precious moments, usually, in a wedding book to look at any time you want, but what about your guests? How will they remember your big day? Lots of people spend money on trinkets and gift bags for their guests to take home. Eventually they end up in the trash or at the Goodwill. Imagine if there was something that your guests would keep all their lives and look back on with fond memories of how they shared your day.

Instead of spending money on expensive centerpieces you could have props in the center of the tables that will encourage people to go to the booth and make memories they can take with them. Props for special themes are available to match the event’s theme. Last June, Webrix Media Productions provided a photo booth for a Bride & Groom that had a Game of Thrones theme with props and masks that added to the fun. They also brought props of their own to liven it up further. All the guests had a blast dressing up and using the props to stage fun scenes from the show.

Weddings are not the only event a photo booth enhances. Proms, birthdays, graduations, work functions or any event can be livened up with a photo booth. Instead of giving your guests something they will ultimately throw away, they will have something they will take home and put on their refrigerator.

Webrix Media Production offers a variety of options for a photo booth. Up to four pictures can be taken for each print. Prints sizes have a couple options including the traditional photo strips (2×6) or in a 4×6. The name of the event, person’s birthday or newlywed couple can be added to the image. Businesses can use it as a marketing technique and have their logo put at the top or bottom. Every time a person goes to the refrigerator whether it is the homeowner or their guest, they will see the logo. When asked about the pictures the person will tell them of the fun they had at your event making those memories. For a business, this can be incredible micro marketing. One of the most visited places in the house is the kitchen. With your company’s brand, it is sure to catch passerby’s eyes.

Webrix Media Productions provides a trained photo booth technician that takes care of all the details of running the booth making it a carefree way of adding fun to the event. The technician sets up the booth takes the pictures and encourages people to really get into it. Then prints out as many copies of the photos as needed right there and the guests walk away with the perfect memento. The technician takes the booth down when the event is done and collects all the props for a quick and easy clean up. A USB drive or online photo album can be added to the package with all the photos of the event. A photo booth is an easy way to provide fun that will last.
Browse the comments on the website to see how much people enjoyed the photo booths or leave comments on how much you have enjoyed events where one was available.

Webrix Media Productions offers several services for Weddings & Events including Photography, DJ Services, Photo Booths and Architectural Lighting that brings together every event perfectly.

Caneel Johnson is one of Webrix Media Productions employees. She currently is our Photo Booth Technician

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