By Caneel Johnson

There are a million choices for centerpieces to decorate the table at a wedding or other event. Centerpieces can be extravagant or simple, really anything you want them to be. It is dependent on your budget and style.

If your budget is small it does not mean that you cannot have a beautiful wedding. Simple can be elegant and tasteful while not breaking the bank. Some of my favorite center pieces are simple and inexpensive. The dollar store has a variety of glass vases and containers that can be used for a variety of projects. Tiny LED fairy lights in a glass container is a very elegant way to dress up any table. A sixteen pack of them can be found on Amazon for $17.99. If you want to dress it up a little you can add a flower real or silk depending on your budget.

Another option that is inexpensive and elegant to is to put submersible tea lights in a glass container. They come in a variety of colors to match with your color scheme and the color flows through the water in a magical way. The addition of a submerged cherry blossom blanch or other flower gives the impression of the magical flower from Disney’s the Beauty and the Beast. A 50 pack of submersible tea lights can be found on eBay for $11.99.

Wine glasses can be another beautiful and simple way to decorate a table. Tip them upside down with flowers in them and glue tea lights on top to create a beautiful centerpiece. Glue pearls or gems around the bottom to dress them up a little more. Fill them with water and clear glass marbles and colored submersible tea lights for another simple and easy centerpiece. Tie a ribbon bow around the stem to give it more allure.

Floating candles are another big hit that can set a romantic mood. Everything you need to make the perfect combination can be found at a craft store or at the Dollar Store. Place them on a mirror and surround them by flowers and you have a beautiful centerpiece.

If you are looking for a more personal and fun option that will give your guests something to do and leave you with thoughtful advice and well wishes. A roll of leftover news real can usually be picked up at the local newspaper for a couple of dollars. Tape it to the table instead of a table cloth and provide your guests with markers and suggestion cards encouraging them to be creative. The paper can be taken off and framed, or turned into a collage to remember the big day. It was a big hit at the wedding I attended last summer. Everyone had a lot of fun drawing and leaving words of wisdom to the lucky couple.

Hula-hoops can be decorated in many ways to make unique centerpieces. A hula-hoop can be wrapped in flowers with some floral tape and suspended from the ceiling or rafters to make a beautiful chandelier leaving space on the table for place settings. Or you can wrap the hula-hoop in ribbon and glued to a painted block of wood or floral foam them decorated with pictures, flowers or hanging crystals. Flowers can be inserted to the floral foam at the base of the hula-hoop to add to the look.

If all else fails you can kill two birds with one stone. Hors d’oeuvres are a must at any function. Making the hors d’oeuvres the centerpiece can be a way to have functional and beautiful centerpiece. Use a mirror as a serving dish to dress up an ordinary hors d’oeuvres. A cheese sculpture with veggies and crackers would be a cute way to decorate a table. A bread wreath would be beautiful on the table.

Candy is always a favorite especially if kids are at the event. A bowl filled with colorful and monogrammed candy is an inexpensive appetizer that will be visually pleasing. Or fill a wine glass with colorful candy instead.

These are just a few ideas that may give you inspiration for your wedding or event. WeddingWire has elaborated on this subject and your can read their article HERE.

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Caneel Johnson is one of Webrix Media Productions employees. She currently is our Photo Booth Technician.

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