By Brad Thew

Decorations can make or break your high school dance! If you have a really creative and awesome theme, you need to make sure the decorations are at that same level. I’m not saying go out and spend a ridiculous amount of money on decorations, but make sure the decorations you purchase actually represent the theme well. Sometimes it’s hard to find decorations for each of your school’s themes, so Webrix Media Productions is here to include some top options:

Party City
No matter what your theme is, you will be able to find decorations that go with it at Party City. They have hundreds of theme options and even decorations that you can use for other themes they might not have. This is a perfect place for you to get all of your decor and more straight from your laptop.

With Amazon exploding in popularity, you’re bound to find decor for your school’s dances. If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll even be able to save and get deals like free shipping on your purchase. Just type in the type of decorations you’re looking for and start ordering.

Oriental Trading
Oriental Trading allows you to order in bulk different decorations or giveaways. For example, you can get a dozen of shiny stars or light-up candles for one price. If you have a big venue, this could be beneficial in saving money in the long run.

If you tend to be extremely crafty and love DIY tasks, then Pinterest is your go-to. Get ideas from there and head to your local craft store for supplies. Get a team of creative people and create your own decorations.

Alibaba is another great website to look into for ordering decorations. They divide their site into themes and you can choose the type of decorations you want by each theme. They also offer decorations for events other than dances such as Sporting Events, Back to School Night, or Graduation.

All five of these companies are great resources for your school to look into when purchasing your decorations for your events. Be sure to look for discount codes and offers! I advise checking out all of these options and maybe purchasing some things from one and some from another. This way you can make sure you get everything you visioned for your theme.

Now that your decorations are done, you can start the fun part of actually decorating your venue. Be sure to reach out to Webrix Media Productions to assist with the managing process for your school’s event. By utilizing Webrix Media Productions platform, you’ll have saved up so much time that you can put toward the decorating process!

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